How can I make my adoption center look better?

Hello I am making an adoption center in my new game and it just feels so empty and plain so do you have any ideas of how I can make it less plain and empty.

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Start of with making the whole building not be pink. Try adding some textures and maybe some hanging pictures on the wall for decoration.


Heyo! I love the idea of an adoption center! But, what I think you should improve on this build
give the room more material and make it look more realistic. Also, you could change the size of the center itself give it a nice darkish color and add some decorations. I recommend using plugins also.

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I would suggesting add textures to the walls instead of being a solid pink & then have the floors and ceiling be a different color. (3 different colors in total as it’s more appealing to the eyes.)

I also would suggest adding more windows as well!

It’s a pretty good attempt at creating an adoption center, but try adding different colors to the building since a lot of adoption centers don’t hold a basic design place a playroom flooring to have a more kid feel. I’d also recommend placing a few colorful things on the walls a lot of adoption centers don’t hold much in the rooms you could try making a play area and fill that with children friendly objects.

If you’re looking to make a colorful center, I’d recommend making and placing some art, pictures onto the wall or add some boxes of toys, so it could look more improved by detailing it or adding some sort of decoration to make it stand out. I’ll leave an image below that you could possibly use later down the line.



For starters, I would use more faint/pale colors as they’re easier on the eyes and for the most part look better. Something else you could do is utilize textures whether it be custom textures or the preset ROBLOX materials provided. Last thing I would do is add more depth, so as opposed to just having flat walls, add more to it (pillars, just overall design to the walls) and fill the room in more because it looks relatively empty.