How can I make my character transform into tiny cubes then they fly off?

I would like to make a system where it teleports the client. I would like it to look very well made and effort invested. The look I am going for is: the player would teleport ofc, then for the tp animation, their character would turn into a bunch of tiny little cubes. Then, those cubes would fly off and get smaller. How would I go about this?

I’d suggest maybe putting a ParticleEmitter in the Player’s HumanoidRootPart, but I’m not sure how to get the colours of the player.
If someone can tell you how to get the colours (for example if they have brown skin tone, a red and green shirt, and blue pants) you’d be able to add extra emitters for each of the colours of the Particles.
Making the particles appear like cubes would just be an image, and the size and transparency of the Particles is easy to set up.

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Ok,he is right,put your chanfes in your flying script,and put these in the takeoff function.(A function that when players syarts to fly)
Local hjmaoind =player.Character:FibdFirstChildOfClass(“HumanpidRootPart”)

For i.v in pairs (player:GetChildren()) do – (make sure the player ia model)
–Put your varabiles in here

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