How can I make my combat game better

Currently the game is still in testing which means there could be some bugs and there is just a small amount of content. I hope you still can give me some feedback and report bugs!


You can add a choking combat mechanic, I feel like it would be unique and a cool twist to a combat game.


sounds interesting can you explain more how it would work?


To escape a submission a ui would pop up and you must tap the yellow arrow on the green with good timing and if you do it correctly the green would turn red resulting in the person escaping.

A submission will slowly damage the player and the less health the player has the smaller the green bar is and harder it is to escape.

But they should be a drawback/balance to the submissions if the person escapes the submission the person who did the submission should be stunned for a brief period of time


I really like the idea! Maybe I can recreate something like this.


already got the base of it done (took me longer then I taught and it normaly also goes away when you manage to escape but I just had it staying there for testing)


Nice! I wanted to ask you if you needed a modeler for the game I’d be happy to help free of charge.

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Maybe I do not know if I need any actual models yet, but I think you could hit me up on Discord as it’s easier to speak there. My Discord username is liam3124.

some progress on the chocke for those who can’t get it in game because its just a pvp move and not pve

made some big changes maybe try checking them out: Combat Test - Roblox