How can I make my dome look Holographic?

Hello. I’ve been trying to make a holographic dome for my game and I have a basis of what it is going to look like. I have made it in blender but I need help finding the right texturing and shading to make it look holographic. Here is what I want it to look like. My mesh is currently just your normal Blender mesh.

Not sure how this would work exactly in terms of the effect but try this:
Outer Shell - A black sphere with the forcefield material
Mid Shell - Your model with 0.1+ transparency
Inner Shell - A white sphere with the forcefield material

These layers would be around that building in the center.

If my understanding of distortion and color theory is vaguely correct, then that should create a distorted and holographic look.

Thanks I will try that. I will give credit if it works. :smiley:

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It didn’t work. I will keep trying.

I’d use the forcefield material for this.

I don’t like how forcefield looks, so try pebble with high transparency.