How can I make my game darker at night?

I am currently making a game focused around night time and it being dark, however it does become day time. However i cannot seem to make my game any darker than this

My lighting settings look like this

Any help will be appreciated

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Hey @Jothepro666,

To make your game darker, you can work with fog.

As example:
FogStart: 0
FogEnd: 150

This will make your game darker.
I hope this will works for you.


You can also try lowering the brightness.

The problem is that the fog would look a little weird at day time. I should have day in the title but i want a dark night and a bright day


There for are scripts

Here a script to start the fog at night:

while true do
       if game.Lightning.ClockTime > 19 then
              game.Lightning.FogStart = 0
              game.Lightning.FogEnd = 150

This can you copy paste to put the fog off when the mornings come.

Wouldn’t that cause an issue when it changes to 12AM or 0 ClockTime ?
(Assuming if Daynight Cycle)

if all is well not, because if the time is above clocktime 19 the fog will stay there until you have a script to turn it off.

Thanks, i had a feeling that i would have to do it via a script and thanks for the script. I will make a few changes to it to make the fog fade in and make it so it turns off.


Does adjusting the OutdoorAmbient do anything? I see it’s at (118,118,118).

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Yes it does but the problem is i want to have a light day time as well

Also how do all of you have these cool programmer and builder badges next to your pfp xD

Its a flair, you can turn it on at your settings page

I’m no programming geek but perhaps throughout the day time, you could make the ambience get brighter when the time gets closer and closer to 12:00:00, and then darker and darker afterwards.

It’s a flair which is an option in the preferences page you can use.

You also have to join one of the groups here.


Anyways thank you everyone, I have a good idea on how i can do this now


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