How can I make my game feel more lively?

so im making a melee game and ive basically nailed everything, the soundtrack is good, the gravity is perfect, and the melee system is awesome so far

however, the game just feels stale, nothing is moving or interactive, but i dont know how to fix that, do you guys have any ideas?

this is the game so far if you wanna play it:

try #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback

unAnchor things
and create explosion when hiting something

Your game feels very stiff indeed.

What you could try doing is:

  • Making your animations more lively (give the impression you are actually hitting your opponent, the current animation is too “basic” to transmit that feeling, make it a tiny bit slower but make a circular movement)
  • Grab/mini cutscenes when you kill or use your special, I feel like this would really enhance the experience to see a well animated finisher instead of just your opponent dies. Don’t make the cutscene too long as it will quickly get boring.
  • Work a bit more with visuals effects, you could have a slash effect popping infront of the knife when you slash and a bleeding effect when successfully slicing someone.
  • Add a block or/and a parry mechanic, so you don’t just go backwards and forward to hit your opponent and add a bit more of agressivity instead of just keeping distance until you land a hit.
  • Add more camera & UI work, like camera shake, phase in and out depending of your health, blood borders popping up on your screen when you are low, …

There is obviously more aspects that could be added too, but you could try fixing those first.
Keep up the good work! The game looks promising and I’ll definitively take another look later on!


thanks, this will help out a lot

and yeah i agree the animations kinda suck, i do a lot better in blender, and if you didnt know each time you die you get a new weapon and food item

to lazy to play but maybe taunt kills or interactables
sodas from aethelbeorn

maybe add more places too hide and obstacles. In a first person view its shocking to go round a corner and see an enemy pop up like that in your screen.

that is kinda the point, you find someone around a corner, swiftly move around their attacks and kill them


Oh sorry for the late respond. Basically when i tested it, I thought it was supposed to be like a far open war zone with enemies everywhere. Just seemed like there weren´t enough places to hide but well what do I know. Don´t take anything I say too seriously. It isn´t too reliable if it is from me.

All the effects, combat system, etc. are good to go; great job!
But, in terms of the lack of interactivity, first of all, it’s probably a lot more fun on a full server.
Second of all, maybe make a more unique map. For testing purposes, the current one is fine, but maybe create a map with a few more parkour elements to fit the movement speed, as well as more stuff to hide behind. And, maybe make a few moving background elements, like city billboards, or something like a train that whizzes through the map and takes any players on the tracks with it.
And, maybe breakable windows and other physics-type objects would be fun? Either way, cool game, can’t wait to see what comes of it

Sword Fight on the Heights.
Teleporters, conveyors, swinging parts, powerups, etc. When anyone can come from anywhere there’s not a moment to calm down. Otherwise, when there are cool upgrades to get first there’s not a moment to chill.

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