How can I make my helicopter stays stable?

How can I make my helicopter stays stable?
I want to make like E = Go Up, Q Go Down… But
If nothing is pressed it should stay stable at altitude.
How can I achieve this?

There’s many ways to do it but you don’t really give us much to work with. ‘How can I make my helicopter stay stable?’ is pretty bland. In terms of moving though you can use bodymovers, CFraming, and change their properties based on UserInputService.

I know, I just don’t know how to make it stay stable.
That’s all I need to know.
I am using VectorForce, I mean.
What force I need to place for it to stay stable at Y?

Can you send your code over? Thanks!

What does code have to do with this?

But, for example.

Part mass > Force Y of part mass.
Why it doesn’t stays stable?

NVM, I sorted it out.
I did * workspace.Gravity

Sorry, misread the question. That would work

Please mark this solved. (I am assuming this is solved as it worked?)