How can I make my interior render look more realistic?

Hello! :smiley: Lately, I have done many interior renderings. What you see down there is the latest and I think it’s pretty good, but it still does not look natural if you know what I mean. Any tips to make it more natural?


In your picture, it looks like there is a huge lightbox next to the window. Try using an HDRI instead, possibly with a few additional lights. This will hugely improve the realism of your image.
I also see that there is a lot of noise, especially visible on the chairs. Try increasing the samples in your render settings.
I’m not sure what renderer you use, but make sure you use something that uses pathtracing/global illumination, something like that. This is because I don’t see any shadows in your render. Shadows would make it look also more realistic.
Here, for example, the glassware almost appears to be floating because of the lack of shadows:

I also notice that the glassware, plates, woods etc. got great textures. This is however missing on the chairs. Consider getting some leather textures or playing around with the reflectance in the texture.

In your image it seems like the ceiling lights are on, which is kind of odd considering that it is very bright outside, I’d recommend turning those off.

The painting on the wall seems to be lacking a bit of contrast, could this be caused by reflections, maybe? Try removing/decreasing reflections for that texture and observe whether it improves or not. (Maybe you did this intentionally so it wouldn’t distract too much from the rest of the composition.)

Not sure if you made the texture of the clock or whether you grabbed it from somewhere else, but it is kind of strange to see 65 minutes on there instead of 60, lol.

Finally, you can consider doing some color grading and adding imperfections to give it a more realistic look. You can consider vignetting and chromatic abberation (if your renderer supports it).

Thank you for your answer! First of all, I have enough samples but from far it looks like grain :sweat_smile::

I should definitly try to change the texture.
Second, I use Global Illumination, but the glass material was completely transparent and only refracted the light.
Next, I will turn the ceiling lights off.
I made the clock my self and I used an array for the minutes but strangely it didn’t fit in with the big lines so I used 64 instead of 60 I didn’t expect someone to count them. xD
I will definitly improve the lightning, I just thought it looked a bit strange with an HDRI because I couldn’t find one that could fit the scene.

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No helpful input from me. Just wanted to appreciate this post :slight_smile:


Quick Update:

Probably not the best HDRi but who cares. :smiley:


Much better; the scene has discernale shadows in places like the bowl, plates and glasses. The HDRI you used is much better than whatever lighting setup you had before; you can see the detail on things like the wall (i.e. the bricks) much more.

With that said, there is still some room for improvement.

The lighting

Most of the wall is still lit up way too intensely for any of the bricks to show up. This is particularly seen when you look at the clock, which literally doesn’t look like it casts a shadow because the light completely envelopes it. I would tone down the intensity a bit.


I know you said you think the HDRI might not be the best, and its mainly because it seems so out of place with the actual render. Something like a HDRI taken from someone’s backyard or a street view would fit better, since it applies better to the scene.

The hanging lights

It looks like you’ve got a roughness value that’s practically almost 0 on them, and it doesn’t work well with the scene.
I assume this is the kind of thing you’re going for:
Since its so brown, the reflections aren’t too appealing to the eye in the render. It being brown is fine; it matches with the tabletop, but maybe raise the roughness a bit to give it this kind of look:

You may also want to think of using a specularity map.

Other than that, this is a pretty clean render.

You might find this video very helpful.

A lot of render settings are outdated because of the way the blender camera sees things compared to our eyes.

The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism

Looks amazing although what I’d fix is how the clock’s hands are not centered properly.

That’s a style of clocks. More modern ones tend to overlap.

I would recommend using HDRI Maps.