How can I make my part less neony?

so I haven’t built in a few months. Im making a brick which is material neon, but I would like to make the part less bright. How could I do this? Is this possible?


You could just edit its transparency, it worked for me. Just make sure its not too high where you can see through it.


Put a part inside of it that is slightly smaller, and non neon… then make ur neon a bit transparent.

I would not recommend doing that if you do not want players to potentially see through the part. I would suggest manually lowering the arrow in the “Select Color” menu.


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I did not know this and i will check it out right now… you are the man!

Edit: oh i did, you mean toggle the saturation… smart, and definitely the better way.

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use transparency or color.
to dampen the effect with transparency just make it say 0.2 or whatever your preference is. for color, just use an off-white.

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