How can I make my water more realistic in my builds?

This the second time I’ve ever posted on the forum, so I apologize in advanced if this is under the incorrect topic.

I’ve been looking at some of the terrain pieces I’ve done compared to others and the one thing that stands out to me each time is the water.

I’ve currently just used the preset water in Roblox studio and it has never bothered me until seeing other having more clear and realistic water, and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to get crisper and more realistic water.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for this that would be great if you could reply and share them with me.

Ali - xXRoyaleBeanXx


You can make water look more realistic simply by setting the transparency to 1, and make sure you have Studio graphics set to max (21).

You can also set the water color to a white or gray tone.

Mess around with the terrain settings a bit and you’ll be able to get the water looking great!


Thank you so much! I’ll defiantly mess around with the water settings later!

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