How Can I Make Profit With A Campaign Game

I am working on a FPS campaign but I need to make profit too and honestly idk what to do.
Anyone have ideas?

The only thing I can think of is cosmetic stuff, like accessories or gun skins, but it really depends how much you want robux to influence the game. Like for example you could sell weapons for robux, but that’s probably a little far(?)

I feel like selling guns for robux is a bit greedy but I do like the cosmetic idea so thank you for that

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Another thing I can add on top of cosmetics is maybe a DLC ( well technically an expansion, since you never really download anything from Roblox ) like thing where you would have to pay to unlock further missions.

Or you can just go with paid access too.

DLC with paid side quests, like @Iluvebrainz said, and you can unlock cosmetics through those DLCs instead of being given them right after buying it.

Maybe a VIP gamePass? Like maybe double XP and VIP cosmetic(s)?

Edit: Don’t over sell something like that for some weird and possibly not worth it amount like 799 - 999 Robux.

Add an option buy game’s currency which is quite good