How can I make realistic water with physics?

Hey guys.
So as we all know that the current roblox water has many limitations which leads developers to make custom water meshes and use their own physics simulation, which can be very hard.

I was thinking about making a game with boats and stuff and I was about to abandon the idea when it came to water.

Currently the water has absolutely NO PHYSICS except the parts floating. And that too sucks too much, try setting the WaveSize and WaveSpeed to something high and see your part stay anchored on the water.

So, my question is how would I make realistic water with waves that parts react to? For example when a big boat comes near a small one there will be waves that might be able to flip the small boat if its close enough.

I’d like some resources and not the full script.

Thanks for reading.

Note: I wont be able to reply instantly as I have to go out for some urgent work.


Hey, so there is no way to make water from scratch in Roblox and not have it affect performance.
Maybe it is but I don’t know of it.

but, there is a way you can use terrain generations in scripts Terrain Scripting To slightly adjust the water position to generate a wave like structure. This is just an assumption and may not work but it’s worth a try.

For example, you can detect a ship’s movement and then increase the amount of water ahead of it and decrease the amount of water behind it.
When the boat stops, you can make a loop which increases the amount of water in the positions ahead.

These are just assumptions and I have not tested them but if you are really dedicated to making the realistic physics for water you can give this a try.

Regards, SpacePyro


I actually have one from a while back, let me get on my computer and I’ll send it.


Nice, clever way! Will definitely try!

There is! Games like fishing simulator made custom water with waves and boats react to the movement of the water too. @spynaz
I don’t care about performance much. I really need good water as it’s crucial for this game idea.


Those games probably use bones with mesh deformation for custom water physics.


Well from the name of the simulator. It seems it is somewhat of a cartoony game. If you want that type of wave, you can make a water wave mesh and then duplicate and then body move it wherever you want. This can only work if the style of the game is cartoony otherwise it wat be realistic.

And if you want it to be realistic then try using the method i mentioned earler.


Hmm, you have a good point. Am currently trying your method!


Aight so do I need to make the water mesh in blender, then add the ammature and bones and export it to roblox and animate it? If you have any tutorials then please link me to them

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I have a showcase that features water and air physics with a sail and motor boat. It can be done, but it is rocket science. It is open source so you can take a look if you want: Custom Medium Physics (Open Source).

I recommend to do this by using the Roblox water in combination with some custom forces.