How Can I Make Round Edges?

I was wondering if there’s anyway to create a round corner like this,

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 3.26.43 pm

Help is greatly appreciated!


look at this video:

and skip until “1:19” and there will be a good tips on how to make and good round edge


Yes, simply negate a cylinder while it’s in a cube, then union them both together, and voila, you’ve got a curve. Take a look at this very simple article by Roblox. \(^ ^)/

Hello, I suggest Archimedes Two.


It’s good but how to I make the edges round?

I’ll message you the link on how to use archimedes.

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Just use cylinders on edges and corners of shapes. Spheres are good as well.

Can you message me it too please?

You can try watching this video he gets straight to the point Roblox Studio Tutorial: Bevel Objects In A Minute - YouTube

Try using unions or plugins like Archimedes 2 or Ropeater