How can i make script FE?


hello, i want to make my scripts fe, but i don’t have clue how i can make that,
So i have steering wheel script on my car, but nobody will see how u steer, only you.
how can i make it fe?

local car = script.Parent.Car.Value

game["Run Service"].Stepped:connect(function()
	local direction = car.Wheels.FR.Base.CFrame:vectorToObjectSpace(car.Wheels.FR.Arm.CFrame.lookVector)
	local direction2 = car.Wheels.FL.Base.CFrame:vectorToObjectSpace(car.Wheels.FL.Arm.CFrame.lookVector)
	local angle = ((math.atan2(-direction.Z, direction.X))+(math.atan2(-direction2.Z, direction2.X)))/2
	local anglez = (angle-1.57)*6
	car.Misc.Wheel.W.W.CurrentAngle = anglez


Default SW script, not mine, steering wheel is stored inside of folder misc, and there also miscweld script:


So how can i make it FE?
(also not my script)

Use either a remote event or function to send the code to the server side for everyone to see.

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Thanks, really helped :smiley: (111111)

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