How can i make slime physics in roblox?

i’m trying to make something simular to that, but dont know how to start… does anyone know, how i can get started? and what steps i’m supposed to take? sorry for not going into detail, i really can’t explain lol.

I suggest you would use Invisible parts (spheres would be better) with springs then in between most parts have springs connected.
It would look something like this:

All parts should have an equal distances from each other, you could include parts in the middle if you want to have it stronger.

After doing that you will connect it with trials; you might have to do some scripting with this, so basically you have 2 attachments,

Attachment 0 goes directly in the middle of the part.
Attachment 1 goes directly in the middle of 2 near parts. Note, these parts are not the part used for Attachment 0, nor can not be the same part.

Then you use a beam and attach it to Attachment 0 and Attachment 1, you will make the width of Attachment 0 (Width0) equal to 0 and the width of Attachment 1 (Width1) equal to the magnitude, distance of the parts it’s in between of.

Note, you would basically make a Icosahedron sphere for this to work.