How can I make smooth camera follow

Hi, as you may read I need help with camera manipulation. In my game you can switch between noraml mode (just default roblox camera) and story camera(camera that needs to follow the characters of that chapter)

For example of thos story camera you have like planes flying and your characters camera will follow them but really smooth. I was trying to use Camera.CFrame but I can’t use lerp with it. Can you help?

Edit: Just tell me if there is any way to do this with Camera.CFrame and what it uses for example :lerp()

Please read the guidelines for Scripting Support.

“Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you.”

ok but I just ask is there is any way to do it

You would set the Cameras CFrame to the start position, and then use TweenService to change the cameras CFrame to the end position.