How can I make the chracther have a similar clothing?

Hello everyone!
I am a Graphic Artist and I look at others work and try to improve my self by looking at others work. I recently saw the game, My Resturant, and I was hoping to make a GFX similar to that. I saw that the game icon(credits to owner),
I wondering how I could make the tuxedo as it looks more like something that was build rather than default roblox clothes. Thanks for helping.

You can literally just find them in the toolbox, then you can make it part of the character as a accessory and then export it to C4D or whatever you use.

I don’t quit get what you’re saying can you elaborate?

If you’re trying to make a GFX you would simply just find the tuxedo model and export it (I think that’s what you want?)

Well, I can’t find the tuxedo model on roblox, and that’s why I was looking for how to find the models or are you supposed to get it from somewhere else?

You can find lots of them on the catalog.

Can you perhaps link me to one? I was looking at bundles and for all of them don’t match my criteria.

I have no clue what your criteria is, so I shouldn’t do it.

my criteria for this one was just a simpel tuxedo that is similar to the one above. I was looking at the packages and bundles but they didn’t match. Since you said there are a lot of them, I’m asking for one to look at. Thanks.

No, not the bundles and packages, use clothing.

Pretty sure this is the exact package. Ten Million Robux Man - Roblox