How Can I Make the Depth at Which Players Start to Swim Deeper?

Goal: I am attempting to make a game where the player is in a flooded area and will be walking around in waist deep or higher water. I’d like for the player to be able to walk around in water that is taller than the waist area but still be able to swim if the water is slightly below the shoulders.

Issue: Currently the deepest you can go in water without Roblox forcing you to swim around is slightly below the waist (video attached). I have no idea how to go about changing this if its even possible.

Experience: I’ve looked around on the dev forum and I can’t find any topics that can help me with my problem. I also have no idea how I would start with something like this.

Try setting the Swimming state to false using SetStateEnabled in a local script, do keep in mind, if you plan for swimming this will prevent it until you reenable the state.

Could potentially have it enable when you reach a certain position on the Y axis if that is any help to OP?

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