How can I make the In-Game graphics like in Studio (Shadow/Light and others)

Hello. I recently made a cave. I want to know why In-Game, the lighting don’t look like in Roblox Studio. Exemples:
In Roblox Studio

In Game

Some people say it’s because of the fog. I hope some of you can help me ^^ Thanks in advance


Hmmm, that’s weird… Are your graphics set to top quality in game?


This is probably a result from the interactions between your camera angle, light settings, graphic quality and the fog. The lighting, in effect, is the same. However, the way you perceive the lighting is changed.

Yes. My graphiss are full.
[30 Chars]

Are you using the future lighting setting? If you are, that doesn’t work in game yet.

Nope. I didn’t use this lightning effect;

Is everything anchored? if parts are falling, it could mess with the light.