How can I make the physics of my 8-ball balls less... crazy?

So I’m working on a night club and one of the features of it are pool tables. You don’t actually PLAY pool with them though; you just kinda walk around on top to move the balls into their pockets. This isn’t because I’m too lazy to script it but because I thought it’d be cute.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much finished it. Like 99% of it. The balls all go into their pockets fine when pushed around, they don’t fall off the table, and when the black ball enters a hole, everything resets. My only issue is that the balls act a little crazy sometimes.

Please watch this short clip. Most of the balls act fine, but sometimes they’ll just spin rapidly in place. They are pretty small and I know the physics engine can be kinda random when it comes to small parts. What can I do to maybe… chill them out a bit? I’ve already tried adding friction :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you could make a hitbox for it.

My recommendation is to use a BodyAngularVelocity and set the AngularVelocity to 0,0,0. This may or may not help.

You mean like a hitbox attached to the player? I have that already if that’s what you mean because without it, the normal player legs barely pushed the balls any, though it doesn’t seem to stop the spinning

Wouldn’t that stop it from rotating? I think it’d look odd if the balls didn’t rotate. If they didn’t have the stripes I could get away with that but I wanna keep the stripes cause they’re cute

No, the ball.

Super insanely useless spoiler

Maybe change the weight to be more in the properties?

Weight just seems to make the balls move less farther when pushed, but it doesn’t stop the spinning sadly

Can you clarify what you mean? Like welding invisible balls to the actual balls as hitboxes? That would reduce the crazy spinning?