How can I make this area more detailed / Look better?

Currently trying to make this looks more some hallway you’d see from a scifi/modern facility bunker buried deep underground, how can I shape this room to be more like that?

Image not brightened:

Image brightened:

might be a bit of a streech but I’m also going to ask some tips on how should I set up the lightning in this area, like color correction and all…

Also sorry if this isn’t the right topic!

Replies are appreciated! :happy2:

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Well right now you have a perfect baseline for a bunker hallway and to be honest it really needs some lighting to the walls. That’s because looking at the unbrighten image it is almost impossible to see anything

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To add on to that lighting can also shape the way a build can look for an example a abandon city could use lighting to give it more life/details

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I was planning to add lighting later, since it looks a bit empty, I set my priorities to decorations… doing the lighting right now though!


Neon stream lights ? … i think it would be suitable for modern (also like perhaps a a lava or energy tank on both surfaces on side so it looks like light coming from through the tiles)

In my opinion it is best to start on the base but when it comes to underground it is best to add the atmosphere first its kind of like a guide to let you know if it will be compatible with your build

Sorry for the wait! I’ve done some changes and yeah, it does look quite nice in my opinion!

I think this is fine for me, just needs more decorations, like adding some pipes to the horizontal support beams on top and maybe adding something to that back wall over there (that I didn’t and will not add lighting for some reasons)

hmmhh tbh idk what we’re dealing with … i think feedback would be fairer if we can see how it looks with the underground around it … still good job!

That looks pretty cool Really nice job on your part! Also that was a amazing glow up on what I first seen

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