How can I make this corridor more interesting?

I’m trying to make a corridor that I would use as a module so I can make long hallways easily, but I think right now it looks really bland and boring. How can I spice it up a bit?


I’m sort of trying to keep the colors as dull as possible without the build looking flat out depressing. I’m asking more for what details can I add to the build to make it catch the eye better.


Well the way I’m making it is so I make many many copies of one segment to make a custom area without having to do it all manually. So I can’t have specific items inside of it.


I suggest you work on the lights first; try placing a neon block inside of a glass block to achieve that effect.


Actually, the way I also see this, you should add some
more tubes in the upperpart.
Like if your adding tubes I also suggest you add yellow tubes near the two other tubes in the top.

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I think the light look fine. I want to add more detail to the walls and floor I don’t know how though.


Try adding textures from the image catalogue (search for ‘seamless texture’) or upload one of your own.

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Wow that helped a lot actually. I found this model that has a wide variety of useful textures.


Perhaps skirting board along the bottom sides where walls meet the floor?


To make the corridor look greater than ever, I would suggest adding details from the floor. You can add textures to look more fitting or you can add assets to the corridor, if needed. :+1:


:wave: Hello! I am Administrat0r_J and I’ve been building on ROBLOX for 2,5 years.
What can you help with improving your hallway?

  • Use textures.
    There are a lot of games using textures to add realism to builds.
Some examples of texture use. (Taken from the project I own.)


  • Try using more details and adding decorations, such as posters, ventilations, different kind of unions. I also suggest you using ropes and beams.
    This can help in creating atmosphere of realism.
    Here are some more examples from my projects:
Detalization examples.

What can be fixed in your hallway?

  • I do not recommend you to use neons only for lights. Try combining neons + metal + glass, this can make an effect of realism.
  • Try doing what I listed in “What can help you” section.
  • Instead of using simple shapes, use unions or cylinders , which can add detalization effect.
  • Do not be afraid of trying something new and believe in yourself!

If you have any questions, you can always contact me on devForum or Discord (Administrator_J#7062).
Have fun developing!


The corridor looks awesome so far, despite the colours bring less saturated, you pulled off the dull look very well. I would personally break up the long stretches of walls on the side with small pillars or just simple wall separators, as this makes the sides look less bare as well as opening up more opportunities for further deco. Otherwise, it’s very clean work, I like it :slight_smile:

I’d recommend fixing up those lights, and maybe add some panel windows to bring in some light to keep the basic design as interesting as possible.

You can do a lot with this. Here is something I made two years ago showing some things you could potentially do.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, you could make decals pertaining to the lore of the world you are creating. The corridor looks like it is part of a facility, so for example you could create a poster reminding workers to wash their hands or something like that. When building, always think about the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and how you should try to tell a story with the atmosphere.


Honestly, depending on what the hallway is being made for, a facility of some sort, an industrial compound, a laboratory, something like that, come up with a list of things that might make sense to add, so if it’s a laboratory, maybe some sort of air filtration and ventilation, as well as lots of pipes and wires, or for an industrial complex lots of valves, gauges, and pipes etc, transformers, junction boxes, etc.

for reference, a hallway I made in January 2019. (the four really nice photos were taken in FiB vers. 11, before removing GPUCascaded with light sources being able to cast shadows.


Maybe add a few more pipes in the ceiling going to the sides instead of going just straight ahead

Also maybe add something that resembles a skirting board and some sockets on the walls

Possibly adding some small cracks in the wall in some areas

And the floor design, I recommend using textures or parts to make it stand out a bit more

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Hello, my name is AviaGabb and I specialise in building, Graphic Design and Interface design:

I do like it pretty much not bad at all.

some tweaky bits which could help you even to make it more shiny and modern could include:

Use of Textures or decals but if you are someone who is good at graphics you could design on photoshop or some designing or maybe if you find art a strength for you, the choices are you could browse on google and hint for images, toolbox is ok but this might cause virus depending on the creator, before using free model be sure to check the votes and favourites and comments, sometimes this could state as it may cause viruses and can spread virus scripts which could teleport you to malicious places, so be sure it is safe for you.

Unions to make it more wider and interesting but the disadvantage of using unions is that it could leave a strange invisible blockage from the humanoid to enter the passageway, if you want to check out what could be happening you could go to File > Settings > Physics > Display Category and select “ShowDecompositionGeometry” this could tell if this union is passable or not, if you want to go back to the normal studio mode untick the “ShowDecompositionGeometry” same principles but just untick it if its ticked already.

Use more high potential parts and use more detail on the lights as it looks very basic and I would say it needs a very high improvement

Colour is really important when making corridors as players would really want to see more colour and detail inside, use more advice and realism to attract players to see them.

Use more technical resources and light sources which could enhance your imagination to this corridor and more props to make the passageway look even more interesting, more wider surface-lines unions possibly and signs to make players have an idea inside.

If you want me to do an example one feel free to reply, if you have any questions according to this please reply as soon as you are free.

Other than that I hope this reply helps well and enjoy the rest of your day.


It seems that you could maybe add a few buttons to the wall or something that clings on to the wall, like some sort of… hmm… could you say a camera?

Maybe, buttons could be handy, camera is a possibility what you can call this, you can call it whatever you would want it to be called like (e.g: Camera, spectatorThingy or a videoCameras).

I meant like a camera poking out as if it were watching with a little part on the side of it that would cycle through red and green at random.