How can I make this Doctor Room look better?


I like how the models look but I want to change the Walls, the roof, and the floor. What can I do to make it look better?

Sometimes adding some linings and bits here and there to the walls can spice it up. If it’s a doctor’s room I would add some objects to the wall like charts or maybe a clock. Maybe the floor can have more of a fabricy carpety texture to it?

I’d add wall textures, remove the FM chair, and add a lining to the patient’s curtain.

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Hey I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a 3D Artist and a Designer on the Platform! So, I would really recommend to actually take a reference from anywhere and this would really help you to come with better solutions to any model or anything you’re having problems with it (I mean, like if you don’t like something you could look to the reference and see how’s it made, how is placed, etc).

Here’s a small reference on how a doctor’s room looks like!

Also, I would recommend to not just make basic shapes (like cubes and the stuff you have right now), I like to go with high level of detail and make better shapes, with the basic ones that’s how it works. Just start experimenting and give some more detail to the bed, the door, etc! This will improve highly the scene.

Also, you could improve the lighting too, but since ROBLOX doesn’t have a really “good” lighting you can’t really get a realistic look but you could improve it a lot!

And that’s all my tips for improvement on your scene / room! Really good work you’ve made and I hope this helps you just a little bit atleast. Have a nice day and keep the amazing job mate! :smiley:

  • @Lil_SharkyBoy

Depends find the correct color scheme, material - texture items.

Since you’re building a doctor room, you’ll see the rooms mainly strive for whiter color appearance, they kind of don’t feature materials there might be different selections around the building however all doctor rooms - offices don’t feature similar materials nor colors.

The color choice your wanting looks dull, bland and plain it seems like you don’t have wall (baseboards) there’s different selections you could go for grey, white, ect.

Perhaps place different objects around the wall and ceiling add baseboards so the walls don’t feature a plain color adding lighting features to bright up the room “colors”.

If you take a look different doctor rooms or yours, it features proper details try something like that or get ideas from images or existing buildings out in the real world. Doctor rooms don’t feature materials from my understanding it’s more just colors the ceiling should feature square tile to intense the feel of the building.

You could:

  • Add a railing for the curtain.
  • Add a doorframe
  • Add textures
  • Add some chairs
  • Put some stuff in the cupboard thing

Best of luck!