How can i make this dummy stand on the floor?


Right now the dummy has its legs in the floor how can i fix it?

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Move it up using the move tool, pressing on the green arrow and dragging your mouse up until the model is no longer in the ground.

Alternatively: use the select tool, click and hold on the model, then drag the model slightly. It should automatically clip on-top of the surface.

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I meant how do i do it in code

Why would you want to do it in code when it can be easily fixed by moving it?

Here is a post that explains how to do this, and gives a nice diagram too

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Not sure what exactly you are trying to achieve, but try changing the humanoid’s hipheight, or set automaticscalingenabled to true.

I dont use humanoids as its because i want to make a tds game which needs alot of performance and humanoids would make it laggier

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