How can I make this game?

I am making a hockey game, and since I can model and make gui pretty well I’m trying to solo develop, but the only scripting I’ve ever done is for simple GUI tweens and stuff easy like that. I was wondering if there are any specific services or things that may help me out with things such as shots, or puck movement in general. Also another huge thing, the skating. What could I use to make a lot of these features? I haven’t really seen a lot of tutorials on how to make these so idk how. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that’d be awesome. Thanks

well first, I would learn basics or advance of CFrame and Vector3,also Body Velocity, body gyro, and body position

For pucks / player movement / general gameplay:
(note that body movers like BodyVelocity are now deprecated, meaning they will be removed from Studio which can occur at any time)

Personally I would approach it this way:

  1. Lock 3rd person camera (cause im just that way)
  2. Control hockey pucks via TweenService and the formula speed = distance/time
  3. Detect/make players “hold” hockey pucks by Raycasting in front of the player to check for a hockey puck so that they can take control of it (handled on client with a distance check on the server using Magnitude)
  4. Use the same method, raycasting, for stealing / other stuff (I am unclear with the rules of hockey and i’ve never played it before lol)

IF you want to make it physics based, then you can use Velocities and that stuff in place of tweenservice, still using raycasting as a main method of puck detection.

For skating:
I would personally just play a custom animation to make the player look like they are skating. By tinkering with Custom Physical Properties you can easily simulate the physics of normal ice blocks.