How can i make this ice goblin look scarier?

Hello, I recently made this ice goblin but it looks too kind in my eyes. I want to make him look scarier. Any tips? Its my first time creating a character so any feedback would be appreciated.


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He looks unintimidating and very cartoony. Play around with materials and make him less round. You should make him look large and more intimidating compared to the player.


Since it’s your first time creating a character, you’ve done a really great job i’m actually impressed. However, since this character is supposed to be scary there is a whole lot of room for changes and improvement.

First of all, i’d suggest you to change the round torso to something more curvy with quite a few details. Try adding horns aswell.

You can use the Magma Fiend & the Bundles in the catalog as a reference in order to achieve the scary look, they’ll be of a great help for sure.




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Thank you guys so much for the feedback! Here is my result. : )


It definitely looks way better than the first one, this one is more intimidating but it can get even scarier than that.

I would recommend you to make the horns a little thicker and a little longer than how it is right now. And also, try making the shoulders a little more detailed and add a couple more spikes in each side of the shoulders for a better overall look, but that’s optional.

Anyways, you can really tell there is progress even though you just changed the shape of it’s torso, it made it look way scarier than it was at first. Carry on !


Looks a lot better! It could still be scarier though. See how that blue magma fiend someone posted earlier has a skull on it’s chest? Add details like that with shades in dark colors to make this character scarier and more intimidating. Making the character’s horns bigger along with my other suggestion would probably work!


He looks a little funny, like a cartoon character.


I think that maybe you can try sculpting it. One free software I reccomend is zbrushcoremini

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Thanks again for the feedback. Here is my final result!


I suggest you redo it, sculpt it in t pose, then rig it.