How can I make this kind of render

I just recently started using blender and I have huge problems with rendering, It’s very complicated for me now.

I want to create this kind of render with glow effect and sparkles, maybe you know some tutorial videos!


I think these are rendered normally, using a custom rig, and I think the outfit on the characters are self made (you need to model them yourself, such as the dress, shirt, pants, etc.) And for the glow effect and sparkles I’m pretty sure they’re made post-rendering. What I mean by that is they render the character first, without any effects or anything, then they add those sparkles, the lines going around, and the glowing effect on an editing software, such as Photoshop.


Ooo, yes I mean just effects, so you mean that I can configure lighting and make a png render and after that add glow effects with sparkles in Photoshop. Did I understand that correct

the glow is obviously a external program, for that i recommend using

for the sparkles they look albeit a lot more advanced, i think you would do gimp or photoshop for that

also isn’t this the roblox particle? this might even be done in roblox LOL

though, i may be wrong, the glow could be done in blender knowing how insane the nerds on there are (not saying that im not one of them)

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