How can I make this look better?

I am making a kind of cartoony operations building, and I don’t know what else to add to this. What details do you suggest I add, what should I change?


The top kind of looks off putting. I feel like you should make the top layer taller, and honestly make the whole building taller in general. It doesn’t look bad for a cartoon look though :slight_smile:

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I think it will look better if it was taller. Maybe add some satellite dishes (large and small) and other sciencey looking things like cameras and large antennae. I do think it would look better if it was taller and the neon was less bright.

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The windows look way too bright.


Looking at the width of the building and the highest it dosent look right,
I’d say make it taller.

Also, its a bit too bright, so mabye make it less bright.

Otherwise, Its really good!

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Like what everyone else is saying, I think you should make it taller, or at least make it look taller. What I mean is, maybe make it skinnier, more like a real skyscraper.

Looks great tho!

P.S. I could also see an antenna at the top

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Once you make it taller, adding some more windows would really help it a lot. Try glass material w/ reflection instead of neon. That is unless you’re looking to make the windows like that then maybe tone down the intensity of the neon. So far it’s noice !

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I prefer decreasing the brightness of the neon but very good building

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