How can I make this map/level more interesting?

I made a map for my RPG a while ago and I think it’s not that interesting to look at. Here are some stills:

I’m especially wondering about what I can add in the nature sections (before the village, where there’s mostly trees and rocks) and the cave following the village.

General feedback is also welcome.



That’s a nice map you got there, but here’s some of the suggestions I have:

  1. Add Bushes/Grass/Flowers. They can add to the scenery of nature, and really make it look much better.
  2. Give the Trees/Trunks and Rock Terrain a colour variety. Giving the trees and rocks a colour variation can make the leaves pop out more.
  3. Differentiate the houses, possibly by making a few more house models, or changing the colours of some of the house.
  4. Add some rocks poking out of the ground inside the rock tunnel, these don’t have to be huge rocks, but little small pebble-like rocks.

For the last picture, you should follow up on 1.

These are just some of the suggestions I have for this map, goodluck! :slight_smile:


Huge rule of level design a lot of people forget about


Make some higher up paths that go along the mountains or hills you can walk upon, it’s very flat and adding things like hills with giving a better sense of depth and variety to the map. Also, since it’s an RPG, I’d say take some inspiration from Dark Souls, which has very unique map design, and I think this video illustrates it very well. Other than that, TypeByte’s suggestions should be just as good


Hello plaiermeier,

Your build is really clean and neat. However, I do think its a bit simple and I would like to suggest a few things that may help your build look more appealing.


  • Detail; Add things like flowers, bushes, and also try rotating the rocks and trees.
  • Color; Change tree leaves and roof tops a slightly different color or a totally different color. This just helps with additional detail and good looks.

I think overall it’s a very clean build and I love what its come to!

-7w_w (Pika)

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Great map! There are some issues with it though

  • In the 5th pic, it seems to be ultra empty

Solution : You can add some small details like bushes, flowers, stomps… anything that matches with the theme and makes it look nice

  • All the houses and trees look the same

Solutions :

Houses // Build different structures with different colors (at least 3 kinds of houses are fine)
Trees // Rotate some of them a bit so it doesn’t look ‘‘copy-pasted’’ and change colors, leaves shape…

  • The top of the map (rocks) can have some decoration aswell, add a block of grass on it and then place trees so the map seems to be more depth

  • You can add a waterfall with a lake if you lack of biomes ideas

Anyway, i wish you luck with your RPG! You are doing great. :^)

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Thanks everyone! Great advice.

How about putting some bats in the cave and birds in the trees.
Something moving about whilst the player is passing through.
It could be that one or more of them is/are aggressive.


Maybe some ruins would look good?