How can I make this part spin slower?

So the part I want to make spin slower is this:

(It’s 55³)

Now, This is the script I currently have for it:

    local RunService = game:GetService'RunService'
    local rad = math.rad
    local clock = os.clock
    local noise = math.nois
    local random = math.random
    local Heartbeat = RunService.Heartbeat

    local bullsquid = workspace:WaitForChild("Cube")

    local xseed = random(10000, 100000)
    local yseed = random(10000, 100000)
    local zseed = random(10000, 100000)
    while true do
    local x = noise(xseed, clock() % 1000 * 0.5) * 360
    local y = noise(yseed, clock() % 1000 * 0.5) * 360
    local z = noise(zseed, clock() % 1000 * 0.5) * 360

    bullsquid.CFrame = * CFrame.Angles(rad(x), rad(y), rad(z))


And this is what happens:
robloxapp-20210619-2025240.wmv (888.2 KB)

I want to make it spin like this but even slower:

Any ways to make the script better and slow the spinning down?

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Have you tried using the tween service?
TweenService (

Nope, I’m very very bad at scripting, and even this script is not mine. I tried to look for the same thing but with tween service and didn’t find anything.

Try changing the variables x,y and z
Change 1000 for some lower number.

Doesn’t work. Thanks for the reply though.

what did that do when making them lower?

I didn’t notice any changes actually.

oh yea sorry it’s using modulo forgot about that

what about changing the 0.5?

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Works!!! Thank you so much!!!

np :smiley:

reason the 1000 didn’t do anything is because “%” gets the remainder when dividing

meanwhile you were multiplying that remainder by 0.5 which is what controls the speed

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Thanks for the explanations! Have a nice day!

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