How can I make this "squiggly line" particle?

How can I make the charging up particles that’s at the player’s hand in that video?
(Not the lightning, the lines coming inwards.)

This seems to be done with the new flipbook animation for particle emitters. You can make them go inwards by simply using an atttachment and making it face towards your point.

yo i didnt see your reply, mb. do you mean a sprite sheet where its just normally oriented and i make it go inwards?

Yes, exactly like that. You can make it go inwards by using an attachment and pointing it inwards. However, if you don’t want to animate it then you can remove the spritesheet but I suppose you want to animate it so a sprite sheet is necessary.

Ah no worries. You probably were busy IRL so can’t blame you.

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thanks for the response, that solves my problem i guess

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