How can I make this type of game genre better?

Hello devforum! I am thinking on working on a side project of “Get Crushed By A Speeding Wall Spin-Off” Long name I know… :sweat_smile: I am thinking about this specific kind of game because the most famous one does well and doesn’t even have very good gameplay in my opinion. This lead me to believe that if I can make a better version, which I think I can, it will do well.

Now I need your help, I’ve got a few questions I need you to answer:

  • Do you think that this kind of game if executed right would be successful?
  • What features could I put in it to make it better then the already existing one?
  • Is it bad for me to steal the general game idea from this game?

Thanks in advance for all the answers, I’ll make sure to take every reply into consideration!