How can I make this type of image?

I am wondering how to make a button like this in photoshop or whatever image editor. I really like these types of buttons and want to replicate them.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 9.26.36 PM

I haven’t used Photoshop in a long time so I probably can’t give you the exact details, but there are several things you could do to recreate the button shown:


  1. Create a text object and type whatever you want.
    • Also modify the font, font size, and kerning if necessary.
  2. Rasterize the text then warp/distort the text on the right side.
  3. Create a clipping mask for the text then use a dot pattern image or brush.
    • Or you could draw the pattern by scratch.

Other Details

  • Draw a triangle on the right side of the text.
    • For the button you provided specifically, create a mask then use a soft brush on the corners.
  • Use brushes to draw black background and underline.

I am able to recreate this in a drawing app I use called Procreate, but I’m not sure if everything I said can also apply to Photoshop or similar programs. If you want me to show you how I made it in Procreate, let me know.

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Yes it would all apply to Photoshop as well.

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I made this, it was pretty simple and easier then I thought it would be.


Honestly i like yours better than the original.