How Can I Make this Water?

In the game Tower Defenders there is water on a map that looks like


and I was wondering how I could replicate it in a game? It looks really nice but I don’t know how you can edit properties like this, and I don’t know if it was done from the roblox terrain editor water at all!


It’s water from the terrain tool + some lightning configuration and shadowmap.

What’s a shadow map, could you elaborate on that?

Ok so I built an example in Roblox studio:

How I got this was by editing the terrain properties shown here:

I also turned on shadowmap.

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Shadowmap Is a lighting property found here:

They use part terrain with actual terrain for the water, you just have to design the riverbed to fit over the water terrain and to adjust the water in the terrain options.

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Ok so I changed my example up a bit to show what you mean:

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Yeah that’s mostly how they did it in the game.

they changed the water transparency in the terrain, and used shadow map. I think the transparency is 0.7 - 0.9. You will have to select terrain in the workspace and there you can change the water transparency. (in material colours). You can also change the amount of reflection the water gives. And set the time so the sun is directly on top if you

Hey, @God_Zeal, I am the creator of Tower Defenders.

Cool question my dude, and thank you for the compliment! :heart:

The water was created using the terrain tool then it was hidden underneath the mesh terrain.
The properties of the water give it the semi-realistic look. Which are listed below;

WaterSpeed = 25
WaterTransparency = 1
WaterReflectance = .05
WaterSize = .05
WaterColor = 131, 165, 164

Lighting and the Skybox can also affect the look of the water, tweak around with those settings and you’ll find a beautiful replication I’m sure.

I hope this helped, good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much! Really love the game, I hope I could script something that advanced in the future

just a suggestion you don’t have to take; the main screen ui is really in your face with fire, maybe try dialing it down a little bit, it’s a bit distracting to me.

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