How can I make trees that don't lag?

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Today I was wondering how some Roblox games have some tress that look like images. How can I make those?.

How can I do this?

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Hey there! I’m don’t completely understand what you mean here, could you elaborate?

If you’re talking about trees which look realistic, these would usually be (for the most part) meshes. You can use programs like Blender in which is open source (free) to use if you decide to get into 3D-Modelling. There are several tutorials around on YouTube & Platforms alike.

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There are a few different ways to do that:

  • Adjust streaming enabled settings so that less trees/objects are rendered in the areas near to the player.
  • Use trees that are simple, so that complex parts/lots of parts don’t cause lag.
  • Turn the BasePart.CanCollide property off for parts like leaves and branches that don’t require the player to interact with them, to avoid physics lag.
  • Anchor parts, again in order to avoid physics lag.
  • Use simple materials that don’t tax rendering (i.e. don’t use glass).

Performance stats for ~13,000 parts that are:


I think your picture didn’t load in? Mind trying again?

I just fixed the issue. I used textures of trees to make a illusion that a forest is there.

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