How can I optimize large spaces of realistic trees?

Hello, does anyone know some methods to optimize large areas of “realistic” forests? I would like to know if there are several optimization methods for this since when referring to large areas I mean that there will be many trees.


If the area is really big, try a level of detail system StreamingEnabled. You can set it to StreamingMesh where when it gets far away, it will render it at a lower quality.


And you can change closer ones to persistent as need be if you want a more realistic appeal like say the trees walking down a path, it will hide streaming and make an illusion of full foliage.

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If there is no important interactions with the trees like falling on leaves or any other mechanics it will be better to create your own collision boxes (parts) and disable the mesh property CanCollide. This might make the CPU take a little break. I know it is very not unnecessary but if you want to get out maximum perfomance include this method.

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Yes, I already tried that and it is a big difference, but I have a problem with that since I need to somehow load the entire map while the player enters and after that activate the StreamingEnabled this so that my real-time menu works

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How can I do that “I’m a newbie”

There will be a mechanism for felling trees. I don’t know if it infers much.

Then use Weld or Motor6D to connect all the objects in model.