How can I place water around a cylinder

I want to surround the outside of the cylinder with water without having it clip or look weird.
What would be the best way to achieve this?

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Generate water using the pre-built tool then place a cylinder inside it.

I don’t want water to be inside though.

The player is gonna be inside the cylinder.

Try regions tool. If that doesn’t work then the grow tool is your best bet

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You are probably not going to get a result that you are happy with because the only official water on Roblox is part of the terrain system, which uses voxels, and which is designed for landscapes.

I imagine you will not be satisfied with the stepping and granularity of water voxels.

You are probably better off trying to emulate the visuals of water in another way.

Personally I’d just use Terrain:FillCylinder. But see I’ve learned after trying out the “scripting with terrain” chunk system Roblox provides that its much easier to use that instead of read/write voxels directly to a region. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still great and I plan to use them as a further optimization but only once I realize how to make them optimized. I would generate some flat terrain, add the cylindrical shaped walkway, and then fill the cylinder with the Enum.Material.Air effectively removing the terrain in the place where the cylindrical walkway sits. Maybe you can fine tune the control so that only half the cylinder is removed.

Unfortunately I’d be unable to provide much more information on the topic than this. :slight_smile: Good luck.

I would try the add/grow tool. It will be difficult to get a good result but it’s your best bet.

I think the best result you will get is if you negate your cylinder.

About the cylinder setting for terrain, when is the update coming out? It’s been like 5 weeks now.

It worked!
Just had to change it from

game.Workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(script.Parent.CFrame, script.Parent.Size, Enum.Material.Water)


game.Workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(script.Parent.CFrame, script.Parent.Size, Enum.Material.Air)

Kinda messy but I’ll find a way around it.

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Make a bigger circle terrain water and the inner circle just fill it with air.

Hello! I actually tried this. I don’t if this is the result that you wanted to see. !

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