How can I play an particle effect once?

I just want to play it once and have it fade away. Not sure how to do that.

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You would use a built in function called :Emit.

For example

local Particle = PutParticleHere


Particle:Emit(1) -- emits one time

But this barely shows for a milisecond and doesn’t even show the entire animation. I have a key sequence where it starts small and gets bigger in size. I also want to play on loop for x duration and then be able to fade out essentially.

Can you show an example of the particle?

:Emit() only has one parameter (number of particles). Since you only want one particle, it’s up to you to tweak the properties to make it render how you want to.

Then you don’t want it to play once but for a short duration.

Particle.Enabled = true
Particle.Enabled = false

If you want it to fade you could either tween the rate or create your own loop that calls :Emit() with a decreasing amount to “fade”.

When I tried tweening the transparency it said it takes a numbersequence idk how to write that in code?

Do you want the particle emitter to fizzle out or have all the particles fade out? If you want it to fizzle out you have to tween the rate like I said, however if you want all the particles to fade you will have to

changes the transparency. Because you cannot tween sequences as far as I am aware.

I’m trying to change the transparency, but it requires a sequence.

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