How can I prevent exploiters from stealing my game?

Hello, I am a learning developer on Roblox. I have heard that exploiters can use exploits like synapse to steal an entire game or most of it.

Is there a possible way to prevent this? I would like to know!

I’ve tried to search for this and did not find anything.

It’s impossible to fully secure game assets. Some things have to be sent over, such as the map, bytecodes of local/module scripts that the client can access, and all that other client stuff. The good news is, they cannot steal your server scripts. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to stop them from stealing the other stuff, but your server scripts are safe.

Thanks for letting me know! I will keep this in mind.

**Don’t worry.
**Don’t talk about that!
**First thing is. they can’t steal your game. People like you are worried about that.
**You know popular games are trying to add Anti-Cheat to stop them. at the end they failed.

**Don’t be like them.
**You can get moderators to help you out
**Roblox has a thing called FilteringEnabled blocks anyone who trying to hack the game. and edit player stats. don’t worry. if they tried to create a part. won’t show at others

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Your ServerStorage is also safe if you didn’t know.

Any place is generally safe because the bytecode of serverscripts (and modules required by them) is not replicated to the client.
There would be no reason to either.