How can i prevent inputs from being registered while a mobile user is scrolling?

Hello all once again! i’m trying to modify a script a friend made to make it work properly for mobile (it was designed specifically for pc), but i’m having some issues:

If i scroll to go down to find more cars, whatever frame i held down on in order to scroll down will spawn the car that belongs to it, so i’m genuinely lost

Here’s some necessary context:

  • It’s a car spawner, that has ViewportFrames with InputBegan to detect input, the issue is that this fires even if a player is just scrolling, there’s very little room on the scrolling gui where there’s nothing that can be clicked on accident.
  • It doesn’t use any image or text buttons, as mentioned above, it has a lot of viewport frames that each have InputBegan linked to them.
  • I thought of doing something like trying to install a double tap system, but was unsuccessful
  • I also tried to make it so it compares the canvassize when input began and when input ended, but that didn’t work either

Here’s the code sample that manages input

			if inputObject.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
				script.Parent.Sound3.Volume = 0
				script.Parent.Sound3.Volume = 2.5

I might have done my methods the wrong way, so if any of you know how to help me, i’d be very happy to answer any questions, thanks!

You should use a TextButton and then put the ViewportFrame inside the text button.

Yeah i was thinking about doing that, however i wanted to avoid redoing much from the script, i foolishly didn’t realize that all i need to do is change a single line to made it work, thank you

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