How can I prevent my game’s servers from being hacked?

Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening. I know hackers can fiddle with scripts and other stuff. Hell, they can even draw NSFW, display extreme profanity and other things that ruin the game. They can also put inappropriate stuff like building NSFW or make it look like sexual intercourse with or on a player. If this ever happens then people would hate my game and give it a dislike.

I know some games could get hacked back then. I am very aware of this and not very sure if some entire thing could prevent these from happening.

(Please tell me if this is in the wrong topic)

Now also they can put admin inside like using ;m, ;freeze and use ;btools to mess around. They also mostly use admin created by developers such as @ForeverHD’s HD Admin.

I really need help on this cause i’m super paranoid that somebody will create a total catastrophe and make it stay like that.


The only way exploits like that happen is through backdoors now thanks to the client-server boundary. The only way an exploiter can replicate changes to their client (like the ones you described) is through remote events. So to prevent it, make sure none of your plugins contain backdoors and also make sure that you do proper checks on remote events to ensure their data is at least somewhat verifiable, these are typically called sanity checks. You can’t put a lock on remote events, anyone can send data through them, it is your job to ensure that data is safe in some way. i.e. checking if they have access to even do the action the remote event covers.