How can I prevent the blocks from collapsing?

I’m a bit new to roblox developers and I’m trying to make a roblox map and I’ve been with scripting for a bit but when I test the game the blocks fall off and I don’t know if there is a way to prevent it from falling, please


When you step on them they fall, not that, not at the time of testing it without touching anything, all the blocks fall. some help please


That’s happening because your parts aren’t anchored. You must use the Properties tab to set them to Anchored = true. I recommend you checking some quick tutorials & explanations about the Roblox Studio UI to get a better understanding on how to manipulate your game.


Hey, it’s really easy to fix that , just use the tool anchor, and they will stay and don’t gonna collapse.

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No uso el anchored. Busque anchored y dele click, o ponga en Anchored = true


Make everything anchored. To fix it.

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Thank you very much, I am almost new and I hardly understand trx :D.

All you do is anchor it.
Although this technically isn’t scripting support, and this is more building support.

Next time I would use that category instead. I look forward to what this will be!

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By anchoring the blocks.image