How can I prevent viruses in my game

Hey devforum! So lately i’ve been thinking about how ive been using a bit of free models in my game, and I came up with the idea that I might have a virus in my game.

I was just wondering if there was any way to find the viruses and get rid of them? What do they look like now? Are they still fake loaders?

Help would be appreciated, as ive previously been banned due to a virus in my game. Thanks!!


Well to start off, it’s as simple as checking for scripts in the models you insert, and if you don’t need a model to have some sort of function - i.e. you just want to use it as a static prop, you can right click the model in the explorer, and look for “Disable scripts” (only where applicable).

It helps to have some knowledge in how scripts work so you can read into a script and determine if it’s malicious.

But if you really want to be safe, you’re gonna have to take the long road of learning how to do things yourself (building, scripting / editing scripts), so you rely on the toolbox less and less. I know I have.


First off, I know you use free models, but try not to. If you import a free model that shouldn’t contain code/scripts, and they have scripts in them, they could be malicious. For example, if you place a “Wall” free model, it shouldn’t have scripts inside of it. If it does, remove the scripts immediately.

Also, make sure to import no free models that look stolen from a verified creator. They might be altered and/or malicious.

The best bet is to probably only import free models from a verified creator, but even then, it can be sketchy.

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First off, there’s nothing in roblox studio, that you could call “virus” . Models from toolbox get imported by you and don’t destroy your device.
This is why they are no virus.
They are just malicious code chassis azure in your experience.

All i can say to That is !Don’t use toolbox!

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A virus is malicious code. It doesn’t need to damage your device. And it also doesn’t have to be imported by someone else for it to be; the vast majority of viruses get imported by the user (unknowingly). There’s many viruses to be found on Roblox; from infected plugins that steal your models, to the good old fire-duplicator from 2008.

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A plugin can’t steal a model.
There is no way you can code it.
If there is, show proof please.
Send me ink to a virus plugin.
I download and use it.
If it can steal my models, ill pay you 50k robux.

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