How can I put a BoolValue on a player each time they respawn?

I have a script where a player gets burnt, but as soon as they die, the stat dissappears.

I do not know what type of function I can run so this bool value thing is applied on each time the player respawns, but I think somebody does know, so here is the bit of the code that might have to do with this problem (this script is in ServerScriptService)

	local char = player.CharacterAdded:Wait()	

local burning ="BoolValue", char:FindFirstChild("Head"))
	burning.Name = "Burning"
	local bus = script.BurningScript:Clone()
	bus.Parent = char:FindFirstChild("Head")
	bus.Disabled = false

You don’t need to make a script for that. Simply, put a bool instance inside “StarterCharacterScripts”


…Huh, my mind flew straight over that point.