How can I put an object in the hand of an npc?

How can I put an object in the hand of an npc?

how can i put it in your hand??
something like that:

( that’s just a demonstration of how I want to put it)
I have tried to put it by hand but I can’t

Help please I would really appreciate it

Try creating a weld constraint

If this is your first time scripting, then please learn first. This involves tools. Make sure there’s a part named Handle in that tool. Then just simply parent the tool in that NPC. Please learn more about tools from the tutorials.

I would make an animation like a holding animation and then weld the object to the NPC’s hand.

Like others have said, yes, you’re gonna need a weld. If you’re using multiple parts in the tool, you should weld the other parts to the core of the item (like the handle). I recommend Moon Animator’s Easy Weld plugin to do this.

As @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked said if you Make a Tool with a Part called handle it will go into the NPC’s hand automatically

and as @afi_arenicepeople said i would recommend welding the other parts to the handle using like this

also i recommend @Wunder_Wulfe’s Constraint Editor plug-in