How can I rebrand alcohol to abide by tos?


I am working on a cowboy-esque game and was wanting to include a saloon for my players to gather and have fun. They could have drinks, listen to songs, and joke around. I wanted to facilitate that era, and I felt that would include some non-pg, historical drinks wink wink. Or should I even use these parallels and just stick with water, etc. and just keep it’s reputation as a well-mannered game in whole?

So my question is:

What is a way to re-brand drinks such as alcohol in a way that would suit the atmosphere, but not hurt or spoil the game’s innocence?

I was thinking of labeling them as funny mystery drinks, such as local concoctions. Funny names would be as “Eccentric Elm-cider”, or anything along that line.

Please, if you have any suggestions on how I could rephrase it or brand drinks, that would help!



It’s best to play it safe and just not include them or just label them maybe as apple juice?


Root Beer just do root beer. Root beer isn’t beer its a pop so its technically tos safe


Cocktail = Orange juice
Cigarette = Chocolate stick

modern problems require modern solutions.


Amen, haha. I would like to use that as a reference buy, ya know.

To abide by the TOS you really get the freedom of naming it almost anything! I think it’d be funny to name it Root Beer, like @TheWiseAndGreat said. :smile:

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I’d do it, but i’m just scared of someone going out of context if they report.

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If you’re worried you could add a secondary drink like Pepsi or Coca-Cola. I don’t think anything would happen though.

What about replacing alcohol with bloxy-cola?


Possibly, but I kind of want to stay genre relevant. I am possibly thinking of seltzer.


Appropriate the bottles then. Wild-westify the labels if you want to too.

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Just name it like blooxy for booze. Or something else, just an idea.

Bloxy cola. Don’t play risky, recommend don’t include alcohol references.

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Just don’t reference to alcohol at all.
I get that it might be fun to call it “Ancient Romanian Ale”, “Eccentric Elm-cider” or whatever but eventually someone who gets fed up of your game will inevitably report it and it’s just playing russian roulette with the moderation team.

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Good ol’ non-alcoholic apple cider

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Just switch them to soda, there’s no point risking it as this is a platform consisting of kids.

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You could always do apple juice, it sort of looks like beer, same thing with root beer, but I wouldn’t make try to make anything look like “shot glasses”.

I think it’s really risky because they will look the name on the game, and inside of the game, but if you put showcase, where you can rebrand alcohol, where you make a crazy name, or name drink, also mostly put some cartoon 2D, or 3D build, where you are not breaking the roblox terms because you should read all of them, then make a game you want, which will be risky. I think this will get a good feedback for you.

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Also, calling it root beer is a better choice.

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