How can I remove big terrain areas fast?

So I have this problem where the water is just filled in 40% for some reason, and this has happends over a huge area. I’m not sure if the game save bugged out when I left or if it is something else that resulted in this. Anyways I need a efficant way of removing this, the region tool is just to small and subtract tool takes way to long.

Does anyone have and idea of how I could do this? Any plugin? I would have no problem with removing all water for the map as well.


Do you need to remove all the terrain in the whole game or just a portion?

Just the water, cuz we have done alot of other terrain work in the place that we would want to keep.

In that case, I think you can use a Part to Terrain plugin to speed up the process. Just cover the areas that you want to remove with parts and turn the parts into air using the plugin.

I’m currently on my phone, so I can’t link the plugin I use, however I’m pretty sure you’ll find the plugin on the plugin marketplace. Always choose reputable plugins to avoid backdoors!


If you select region in the terrain editor you will see a button called “select” click somewhere on the water and then scale your selection until it covers all the water. Then you wanna press delete in the region tab in the terrain editor.

Thanks but it’s limited how big the area you can delete is, and I need a huge area deleted 3000x2000 ish
And region is just not good enough for that

You could do it in two times or more.

Yes, but it would take days. I think Wevetments found the best solution to te problem.

Okay, just a quick question. How did you get that there?

No idea, I have another guy on the tc that added the water when I was sleeping so it might have bugged out at he left, maybe it autosaved the second he left. not sure tbh.

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For anyone who wants the plugin: