How can I remove [Content Deleted] games off of my favorites on my profile?

I am hoping to remove [Content Deleted] games off of my favorites from the website.
I’m not too sure if this is a bug, but when I go to view my “favorites” page and click the “see all” button, it doesn’t show any of the [Content Deleted] games.
I’ve never posted a topic before so any support or tips would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I see on my profile page:

And this is what I can see when I open my favorites page:

I haven’t been able to find any solutions, I can’t even open the [Content Deleted] games- and I’m sure many other people wouldn’t be bothered by this, but for my case, I’m more particularly bothered by more intermediate things and this can be quite annoying for me you can imagine.
If I hadn’t made it clear before, no; I can’t open the [Content Deleted] games, nor can I click on the “unknown” link for the games, they are unclickable.


Aight, first just click on the game, then just click the favourite icon so I does not show a full star and boom. Disappeared.

When I click onto the “content deleted” it doesn’t open anything.

What do you mean by that? It does not open the website/page? Or just nothing. Give me some details

I clicked onto the “unkown” & the actual game
and they dont take me to the game page, so I literally cannot open those two games

I even tried to open up with the right click menu, nothing I could do

Can you please stop using the extensions you are you using? If it works after then you can re use them again

It removes them, but they are still technically there, the three of those games that are content deleted push my other favorited games further back in my favorites, the extensions I think was allowing me to see them for some reason. Honestly I don’t know.

here’s a photo of what I see

I’m now stuck. Go to the support on Roblox, or just try and favourite more games to hide them. I bet no one would ever look at people’s favourite games cause most of the time they can’t even try them out

Alright, well thanks for your attempt at helping, I’ll try that for the time being, appreciated.

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Psst. There’s a trick with using the Roblox APIs to get them off, considering that websites are generally interfaces for those APIs.

PlaceId? Click here.

Also placeId is different from universeId… Replace PLACE_ID with the ID.

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The problem there is getting the ID if you can’t access the page.

There is another API to help getting there.

Unfortunately for me, the favorites are seemingly broken here. I can only view my own favorites. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is quite confusing to operate, I’m not sure if I can get those games through this…

Step 1:
Go to Obtain the Id from the list, above where name = [ Content Deleted ].
Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 13.47.59

Hit Execute once complete.

Step 2:
Switch to V1.

Step 3:
Insert the Id from Step 1, set isFavorited to false.

Hit Execute once complete.

This is a website bug. Please report, and make sure to try to repro without BTRoblox.

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I don’t see any “list” of ID’s or anything… the docs link I tried doesn’t have anything regarding these ids, nor does the response body contain any IDs.

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