How can i remove this hideous sun glare without making my lighting look horrible?

this glare in question, does not fit with my games aesthetic and i want it gone

turning celestialbodies off doesnt change anything and making my games brightness = 0 whilest editing the ambient makes my entire game look horrible.

game without brightness adjustments

game with brightness = 0 and the ambient raised a tad.

is there any way i can fix this without drastically changing the look of my game? thanks.

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is that a texture overlay if so you can change the material to something like concrete and wont see it glow it worked for me

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I honestly think the game looks better when it’s dark, also, I’d change the skybox as it doesnt fit at all

yeah the skybox sucks, its only there so i can have some nice reflections on the ground, im looking into alternatives

i use reflective glass as an overlay to replicate that nice rainy effect

I did this in my game; Put a surface gui on the surface. Add a frame to the surface gui. Color the frame how you want it. However if you want texture and material, this isn’t what you would do.