How can I replicate making cars, since ROBLOX removed the ability to make simple ones

I am trying to make a controllable train that has a powerful feel and I thought that a car controlled by rail could be a good starting point. I added hinges, and welded the seat onto the base with wheels, but the car does not move. Does anyone know some good ways (possibly by scripting) to make a car like this?


It isn’t removed, just deprecated and otherwise advised against. You can learn how to properly make vehicles through an article Roblox wrote. The car in the article is far better than the cars the old system made, with wheels that actually turn and whatnot.

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If you want a quick and easy way to make cars that you can tune yourself, this plugin does the tedious rigging work for you: AutoVehicle - Roblox

This is great, but I just need a way to turn off steering and edit the torque . Would you know a way to do this, or should I mess around with the settings until I find a way.

You could add a constant force to your train for moving it, and the rails would be your “steering” mechanism, so I doubt you would need an entire vehicle system for this.

Constant forces don’t really achieve what I wanted here. Ideally the train would be sped up/slowed down by players pressing w and s keys, with the train having a “warming up” feel to it, and would be able to stop at stations.

Well yes, I think I made my point across sort of in a wrong way, for a quick fix, you can modify the properties as well for it to have a speeding up/down effect, because we’re using BodyMovers for this force.

That makes a whole lot more sense, haha. I’m kind of in the not new but not experienced zone. Thanks for clearing things up!

Just one more question, what type of BodyMover would be best suited for a rail vehicle?


It’s sort of on the complicated side, but I think it’ll work the best.

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Here’s a simplified model I made in a previous post.

It uses a VectorForce in each rail car and even though the track is sharply angled in the turn it stays on the rails pretty well.